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An integrated platform of modular capabilities

Clineage is the gold standard eCOA solution delivering a self-service platform of modular capabilities. We lower the burden on patients for providing data while enhancing our partners' ability to access data.

Our Self-Service Platform of Modular Capabilities

Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA)



Device & Sensor

Electronic Clinical Outcomes Assessment (eCOA)

  • Design, launch, & manage studies autonomously

  • In-clinic app, patient app, or both - flexibility to determine where, when, and how to collect your data
  • Select from our pre-built catalog of instruments or build your own

Electronic Consent

  • Improve compliance through comprehension and retention

  • Interactive assessments, audio, video, and a slew of other educational tools to improve your patients' experience and lower the knowledge burden

Patient Engagement

  • Continuously interact with your patients while capturing data through low-impact channels

  • Notify and alert patients - ensure activities are adhered to, remind patients of upcoming visits and educate patients with study or disease related information

Device & Sensor Integration

  • Reduce the burden for patients participating in clinical studies by remotely collecting data

  • Leverage data and insights from hundreds of devices and sensors throughout your studies